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As I’ve promised many times, I decided to update my ever-popular list of essential knowledge management sites and blogs. While the original list was only 26 sites, and eventually almost doubled to around 50, I’ve now got the list up to 66 sites that are really cranking out some quality content.

As always, if you have a site that you’d like to suggest for this list, please just let me know and I’ll take a look at it. If it fits the bill (high quality, frequent posting, and it hasn’t been around only since yesterday), it’ll get on the list.

One small suggestion to the many bloggers out there with knowledge management blogs, however. Create an ‘About’ page! There are so many great sites that I’ve found that I’ve been unable to attribute to a person or organization because they lacked an ‘About’ page. And with that small request, on to the list.

1. Aa..ha! – This blog is an eclectic mix of thinking about the human condition as well as knowledge management. There’s a good mix of knowledge management, wisdom and just general stuff about life.

2. Above and Beyond KM – “A discussion of knowledge management that goes above and beyond technology.” Has somewhat of a law focus, but often discusses non-legal knowledge management issues.

3. ActKM – I have to give Keith De La Rue credit for pointing this one out to me (as per his comment below). A great site for finding out what’s happening in the KM world.

4. The American Productivity & Quality Center’s Knowledge Management Blog – Thoughts and discussions on knowledge management by Jim Lee from the APQC.

5. Anecdote – Anecdote is a consulting firm that specializes in organizational change, leadership and storytelling. While not a strictly KM site, the blog on the front page includes many thoughts and links related to communities of practice and other KM-related areas (thanks Vincent).

6. Association of Knowledgework – At the Association of Knowledgework, people from every specialty cross professional, geographic, cultural, economic and hierarchical barriers to learn together.

7. Boxes and Arrows – While this site doesn’t focus exclusively on knowledge management, it does have a great deal of content in peripheral areas like content management and design.

8. Brad Hinton’s Plain Speaking – Lots of good storytelling and business narrative-type stuff here, as well as some great collaboration and communities of practice resources.

9. BRINT – Developing leading edge thinking and practice on contemporary business, technology, and knowledge management issues to facilitate organizational and individual performance, success, and fulfillment.

10. ChiefTech – While this blog is mostly about information technology, there is some very interesting stuff there about the web and social networking. This site also talked (very kindly I might add) about this blog.

11. Chris Collison’s blog – This is an excellent resource for collaboration-related knowledge management stuff. Chris is a fantastic resource on anything collaborative (and has even been kind enough to leave an insightful comment here).

12. Cindy Gordon – Focuses upon knowledge management, human capital and innovation.

13. CIO’s Knowledge Management section – The magazine about business, technology and leadership has a specific section on their website devoted to KM. The other sections are also interesting and definitely worth checking out as well.

14. Cognitive Edge – Dave Snowden’s Cognitive Edge talks about all aspects of knowledge management, and is updated quite frequently.

15. Collaborative Enterprise – Blog belonging to an Indian social software consultant that deals with managingknowledge, KM systems and social media.

16. Collaborative Thinking – Mike Gotta’s blog on collaboration, social software, social networking and knowledge management trends, including community-building methods and practices.

17. Column Two – News and opinion articles by James Robertson on the general topics of knowledge management and content management. Features archives and RSS/XML syndication.

18. A Compound of Alchymie – John Curran’s viewpoints on knowledge management, intellectual capital, social networking and related topics.

19. Creative Chaos: Dina Mehta’s blog – An eclectic mix of posts about knowledge, blogs, marketing and more.

20. DaChispa – This is a site I’ve never come across before, but has some terrific knowledge management-related content. Unfortunately I can’t find an ‘About’ page to let you know who owns the blog (perhaps you would rather remain anonymous?).

21. Dissident – Dissident is the blog of Stephen Dale — who talks mainly about 3rd-generation knowledge management and social media tools. He was also kind enough to mention me and this list, so I thought I would point to his site — lots of interesting content.

22. Dove Lane – Kaye Vivian’s blog addressing knowledge management and communities.

23. Dr. Dan’s Daily Dose – Critical review, evaluation, and discussion of all things knowledge management.

24. Eclectic Bill – Focus is on knowledge management, change management, learning organizations, mental models, and Theory of Constraints as applied to government, non-profits, and higher education.

25. eLearning Technology – While it’s not ‘strictly’ knowledge management, there’s a ton of great stuff on here about learning, technology and even social networking.

26. Elsua – A blog about knowledge management, knowledge, online communities, social networking and work-life balance. Available RSS/Atom feeds.

27. The FASTForward Blog – FAST’s contribution to the knowledge management and enterprise collaboration discussion. This blog usually includes posts from a whole host of knowledge management folks you’d probably recognize from other spaces.

28. The Ferryman – Barry Hardy’s blog on knowledge management and innovation. A rather eclectic mix of knowledge management and other topics.

29. Forrester Blog for Information and Knowledge Management Professionals – This is Forrester’s official voice in the information and knowledge management realm. The blog’s written by different authors and covers pretty much the whole swath of IM/KM.

30. Frogpond – A blog that’s mainly about enterprise collaboration consulting, with leadership, knowledge management and management in general often thrown into the mix. While most content’s in English, some’s only in German.

31. Full Circle Online Interaction – Nancy White blog focusing on distributed Communities of Practice (CoPs), communities, online interaction, and distance learning.

32. Government of Canada’s Information Management Portal – While obviously focusing more on information management, there are some knowledge management links and resources on here worth checking out.

33. Green Chameleon – Lots of great stuff here — including knowledge management, Web 2.0 and personal knowledge management (something I’m very interested in).

34. Gurteen Knowledge – David Gurteen’s personal site that supports the Gurteen Knowledge Community. Lots of interesting stuff.

35. How to Save the World – Dave Pollard’s blog with archive articles and papers on knowledge work and business innovation. Includes a table of contents and resources.

36. The Information Architecture Institute – Much like Boxes and Arrows, this site is not necessarily about knowledge management itself, but has a great deal of news, events and resources about information architecture. If you work regularly with any kind of content or knowledge management system with a Web interface, check this site out (I find the ‘Tools’ section of the IA Library particularly useful.

37. InsideKnowledge Magazine – News and articles and content, information and knowledge management.

38. Intelligent Agent – Lots of great topics here, including memes, librarianship, knowledge management and social networking.

39. KM4DEV – KM4Dev describes itself as “a community of international development practitioners who are interested in knowledge management and knowledge sharing issues and approaches”.

40. KM Institute (International Knowledge Management Institute) – The International Knowledge Management Institute is the place to go to become a Certified Knowledge Manager. They also have a newsletter.

41. KM Space – Doug Cornelius’ take on knowledge management, Web 2.0 for the enterprise and social networking for lawyers.

42. KM Talk – A Malaysian knowledge management site (thanks Naguib!). There’s also quite a bit on here that would appeal to a non-Malaysian audience as well.

43. KM Wiki – Provides links, sites and resources on all aspects of knowledge management.

44. KM World – KM World provides news and articles about knowledge management.

45. The KNOW Network – A global community of knowledge-driven organizations dedicated to networking, benchmarking and sharing best practices leading to superior performance.

46. Knowing Knowledge – While it’s not updated that frequently, Knowing Knowledge has some interesting stuff from the book Knowing Knowledge. Worth taking a look at.

47. KnowledgeBoard – KnowledgeBoard was a European Commission-funded Special Support Action, but now is part of the Sift Media portfolio. It’s mainly a discussion board relating to knowledge management.

48. Knowledge Connections – David Skyrme’s website that describes itself as “the place to gain insights into the networked knowledge economy and help in creating successful knowledge management and Internet commerce strategies.”

49. Knowledge Jolt with Jack – Jack Vinson writes about knowledge management, personal effectiveness, theory of constraints and other related disciplines. Available RSS/XML feeds for both the blog headlines and comments.

50. Knowledgeline – Tom Baldwin writes about knowledge management, but also about other related technologies (there seems to be quite a bit of information on search and Microsoft SharePoint on his blog).

51. The Knowledge Management Advantage – A self-described “dynamic and comprehensive knowledge management information resource for organizations striving to achieve competitive advantage and world-class recognition”.

52. KnowledgeThoughts – Matthew Parsons and Neil Richards thoughts on knowledge management, content management and social networking.

53. Lasagna and chips, unexpected combinations for creativity and innovation – Another really great and thought-provoking site on organizational learning and knowledge management by Joitske Hulsebosch, a consultant in the Netherlands.

54. Leveraging Organizational Knowledge – Peter-Anthony Glick’s blog about getting the most out of organizational knowledge.

55. Mathemagenic: Learning and KM Insights – This klog (knowledge blog) is used as a learning diary that documents journey of Lilia Efimova in the land of knowledge workers’ networks, learning, creativity and knowledge sharing.

56. Musings of a Social Architect – Amy Jo Kim’s blog focusing on community architecture, social systems design and knowledge management.

57. Networks, Complexity and Relatedness – A very interesting blog about social networks and network analysis.

58. Portals and KM – Bill Ives’ blog discussing practical applications of portals, blogs, and knowledge management.

59. Reflexions – Another interesting blog that talks mostly about decision-making and innovation.

60. Seth Earley’s Not Otherwise Categorized – I’ve been on a few calls where Seth Earley was speaking about taxonomy – he’s a very animated and engaging speaker. This is his blog (mostly taxonomy-related stuff).

61. Simon’s KM Blog – Simon Goh’s blog on knowledge management. As Simon says: “There’s just so much to cover in KM work and they are so diverse. A blog is probably the best way to retain and manage this mess.” I couldn’t agree more.

62. Social Computing Magazine – Social Computing Magazine provides information on enterprise Web 2.0, social search, tagging and start-ups. There’s lots of great articles on the site — definitely worth some time going through it all.

63. Stan Garfield’s Weekly Knowledge Management Blog – A weekly entry including books, blogs, web sites, and answers to questions on knowledge management. Topics include knowledge sharing and reuse; collaboration and communities of practice; and people, process, and technology elements of successful KM programs.

64. Talking Knowledge Management – A blog that was created to talk about how knowledge management is being applied in the United Kingdom’s National Health Service.

65. Trends in the Living Networks – Ross Dawson’s Trends in the Living Networks blog offers high-level commentary on developments in our intensely networked world, and how it is coming to life. The blog is primarily intended for a general business audience, in identifying critical technology, social, and business trends and their implications.

66. Why Knowledge Management? – Tom Godfrey’s knowledge management blog. This blog covers pretty much everything you’d think of when you think of KM, including collaboration, technology and ‘softer’ KM.

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11 Responses to “66 notable knowledge management sites and blogs.”

  1. Doug Cornelius Says:

    Lucas –

    Thank you for including KM Space. You and your readers may also be interested in this search of knowledge management site: http://kmspace.blogspot.com/2009/01/km-sites-search.html. I think most of your sites on included in the search since it was based on your original 50. I will need to add some of the new additions (that are also new to me).

  2. Joitske Says:

    Thanks for the kind words about my blog!

  3. 65 notable knowledge management sites and blogs | KnowledgeThoughtsBlog Says:

    […] is a straight link through to a list of 65 KM sites by Lucas McDonnell.  There will be something new in there for everyone so check it […]

  4. Mary Abraham Says:

    Lucas –

    Thanks so much for including Above and Beyond KM in your list of recommended blogs. I used an earlier iteration of your list to populate my RSS reader and found those blogs invaluable resources. As a result, I’m looking forward to adding to that collection some of the new blogs you’ve identified. Thanks for doing the spade work for all of us. It’s a great service.

    – Mary

  5. Pim Says:

    Tnx for the overview!

  6. Lucas McDonnell Says:

    My pleasure everyone! I’m glad you all the found the list to be so useful. I’ve actually come across a few more sites since posting this list, so I’ll most likely be updating it soon.

  7. Tom Godfrey Says:

    Lucas –

    I noticed some traffic at my site coming from this post. Thank you for the mention of YKM. After reviewing the list and its evolution, this is really a great resource. You’ve obviously put a lot of time and attention to creating and maintaining it. I look forward to future iterations.


  8. workers comp audit Says:

    What a great list. Found some interesting sites that I never knew about. Thanks.

  9. Nisha Talwar Says:

    Thanks for this Lucas.Its an absolute treat for the knowledge seeker.


  10. Freelance Writer Says:

    Thanks for this list! Half of them are new to me so I’ll probably spend hours browsing all these. I’ll try to get back to you on the ones i prefer.. thanks again! :-)

  11. Full Circle Associates » My Spring Online Reading Says:

    […] http://lucasmcdonnell.com/notable-knowledge-management-sites-and-blogs/ […]