Jan 29

If you have a blog (or are just an interested blog reader), you’ve surely heard of Technorati.

It’s a bit of a strange mix between an information-sharing tool and a popularity contest — blogs compete for ranking based on the number of incoming links they have.

I waste all kinds of time just watching the list of the top 100 most popular blogs.

After checking my Technorati ranking yet again (it’s not that impressive, don’t get too excited about it), I started to wonder, how does this ranking actually work?

Almost immediately, I discovered Technorati’s official explanation of what the numbers in your ranking mean. But I wasn’t really satisfied with that explanation — I still wanted to know more about it.

So then I came across Stuart Brown’s in-depth explanation of Technorati rankings, and how you basically need an ever-increasing proportion of links to get into the top 10 or top 100 blogs (which reminds me a bit of the Google PageRank myths that I wrote about yesterday).

Here’s Stuart’s graph describing links versus ranking:

Technorati ranking graph.

Interesting. I guess Technorati instituted a new ranking system last fall, which is apparently kind of a secret.

It appears to me that links within Technorati are not weighted — that a link from a #10-ranked blog and #100-ranked blog are worth the same to Technorati. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Also, here’s a weird way someone unintentionally had their Technorati ranking increase dramatically.

And finally, why not add this blog to your Technorati favourites? I’m curious to see if an increase in favourites has any impact on overall ranking within Technorati.

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5 Responses to “How the Technorati ranking system works.”

  1. Qwerty_ Says:

    Nice little article there lucas. But I think that most of the rank would come from inbound links and not from people adding you to their favourites list. Let us know what comes out from it though.

  2. Lucas McDonnell Says:

    Thanks Qwerty. I think you’re right — I doubt having blogs added in as favourites will really have any impact on your rating, but who knows (I’m still also curious to know if Technorati has weighted inbound links, but I also suspect that they don’t).

  3. Eric Says:

    If you have questions about the ranking you can contact the technorati technical support. I did. The links are not weighted. Favorites do not help your score. So any blog with a ton of link backs from a link trading service or something will be ranked very high regardless of their traffic, unique visitors, favorites, content or anything.

    If you ask me its about time technorati upped their rankings calculations.

    I don’t know about most people, but getting high in the technorati rankings doesn’t even really benefit your blog that much. As far as my blog is concerned virtually zero traffic comes from technorati.

  4. Lucas McDonnell Says:

    Thanks for the info Eric. I suspected that the favourites did not have any impact on the weighting, but didn’t have any proof to back up my assumption. I never thought of calling Technorati support! :)

    I would agree — while I get a few visitor from Technorati, the traffic that it drives to my site is rather minimal.

  5. collis Says:

    A few extra things i’ve noted:

    – the number of blogs is more important than the number of links, for example 100 links from 50 blogs is a lot less important 60 links from 60 blogs.

    – number of links affects the “Most linked to” blog list
    – number of favourites affects the “Most favourited” blog list (http://technorati.com/pop/blogs/?faves=1)

    I don’t think there is much traffic from technorati, but nonetheless I have decided to try to get my blog onto the most favourited list! Blog #100 on there has precisely 100 favourites, i have … 3, which means i’m 3% of the way there :-)