Mar 27

It’s been a while since I’ve featured some of the great contributions I get to Business, Technology and Knowledge. I’m absolutely astounded by the number of submissions received. There are really some quality posts in this issue — take a few minutes to browse through some of these. You’ll be glad you did.

Barbra Sundquist presents Incorporate or Not? What You Need to Know About Business Structures posted at HomeBusinessWiz.

Anja Merret presents 10 easy steps to try your hand at SEO posted at anja merret, saying, “Free and easy way of increasing traffic through the web site.”


Wilson Ng presents Profits Straight to the Bottom Line posted at Reflections of a BizDrivenLife, saying, “Understanding pricing strategies and knowing your cost structure as optimizing your bottom line is essential knowledge for managers.”

Matt Inglot presents 5 Tips for Staying on Top of Your Books for Small Business Owners posted at Matt Inglot.

Christopher J. Brunner presents Choosing Powerful Text for Your Business Cards posted at GreatFX Business Cards, saying, “How to draw in potential clients by adding powerful text to your business cards.”

Matthew Paulson presents The Ultimate Guide to Making Money through Freelance Writing Online posted at Getting Green.

Becky McCray presents Small Biz Survival: Startup: Resources to get from Idea to In Business posted at Small Biz Survival, saying, “Online and real world resources to go from a business idea to starting your business.”

Steve Faber presents 4 Great, Free Business Resources To Help Grow, Start, or Save Your Business posted at DebtBlog.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Filthy Wal-Mart = Poor WMT Stock Performance? posted at The Digerati Life.

The Positivity Blog talks about 5 lessons I have learned from John Chow posted at Henrik Edberg.

Jack Yoest presents Job Interview: How To Tell If the Candidate Will Lie, Cheat, Steal? posted at Reasoned Audacity, saying, “It seemed that many of the clients of Your Business Blogger were having challenges finding integrity in job candidates. Even business schools are forced to teach ethics. Goodness. So I ask Bob Knight, who runs the Culture and Media Institute a part of Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center about this. Bob’s team just released a report, The National Cultural Values Survey.”


Trent presents Community Project: Public Domain Financial Library posted at Financial Education, saying, “Help us put together a great free resource.”

Ybother presents Top 10 Geek Business Podcast posted at Daily Top Ten List to jumpstart your knowledge, saying, “10 technology podcast for listeners in the business world”

Erek Ostrowski presents Personality vs. Purpose posted at Verve Coaching, saying, “Here’s one really important concept for business owners…”

Alvaro Fernandez presents Stress Management Workshop for International Women’s Day posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution, saying, “Information and exercises on why and how to manage stress…something we usually know in theory but neglect in practice”

Marcy Nala presents Be Your Own Guru posted at The Abundant Life.


Rebecca Newburn presents 5 Things You Need to Know Before Using posted at Information Age Education, saying, “There are 5 important things to know about social bookmarking and before starting. A little bit of forethought and planning will make it a manageable and helpful on-line tool.”

Charles H. Green presents Trust and Social Networking posted at Trust Matters, saying, “The article runs through the different types of online social networking services and lists both their virtues and their limitations.”

That wraps up this edition. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this round, and keep those submissions coming.

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