Dec 11

I want to share a few ideas I’ve had in the past little while that have really worked to increase the traffic to my site.

While I enjoy writing the posts and articles on this site, it’s always much more enjoyable if you can get people reading what you write, and in this case, there are 3 things that have worked for me.

You’ll see these tips mentioned in other places, but sometimes I find that while other bloggers are very helpful, the really successful ones are too knowledgeable about the subject. I was confused when reading some of the posts about traffic, since I was beginner, I didn’t really understand what needed to be done.

So if you want to attract people to your site, I would suggest using the tactics and strategies mentioned here. These tips are meant for beginners who want some ideas about how to quickly get things rollling on their blog.

One other quick note, remember that the quality of your visitors also matters greatly — and the only way to maintain consist, quality traffic is to have content that truly stands out from other sites.

1. Ping sites like automatically when you update your blog.

I use WordPress to maintain my site (I know there are many other tools available, but I’m particularly happy with the way that WordPress is set up, it’s easy to maintain and it does what I need it to do).

WordPress gives you a very good explanation of how to do this.

This is the technical side of spreading ideas around the web. It provides an automatic way to indicate to other people that you’ve said something new on your blog, and that they should go read it.

This is really an automated way to share your ideas.

2. Read other people’s blogs, comment and write about it yourself.

Reading other people’s blogs not only can give you some good ideas about things to write about yourself, it also keeps you informed about other people’s opinions.

You don’t necessarily have to agree with the opinion of others, even better if you feel strongly the opposite of their opinion. That will provide you with more motivation to write something passionate that you really care about.

You should also really understand trackbacks and pingbacks. I won’t get into the details here, but you can go ahead and read about yourself. This is a definite way to increase your traffic while still doing what you already do.

Trackbacks and pingbacks provide the nuts and bolt for idea sharing. They allow you to automatically notify others about when you’re writing about something they wrote about.

While pinging sites like lets computers know that you’ve updated your site, trackbacks and pingbacks let a real person know that your site is talking about something they’ve written about.

This allows you a more direct way to share ideas with others.

3. Remember that a blog is a shared communications medium.

If you forget this point, you might as well as just keep a diary under your bed. You need to offer a ‘take-away’ from your writing: something people can actually use.

There are many articles around that will give you tips on how to increase your blog traffic. There are also some great articles out there on how to market and optimize your site for search engine traffic.

In keeping with the spirit of blogs as a shared communications medium however, there is also one other thing that will be guaranteed to get you more traffic.

Be nice when sharing your ideas. You have to rely on others to make your site popular — so if you’re friendly when dealing with other bloggers and your readership, that will go a long way for you.

I you have never checked out Steve Pavlina’s site, it’s got some great articles about increasing your site’s traffic to your site as well. Definitely worth a read.

Mind mapping.

Another tool I thought I would mention quickly at the end of this post is FreeMind, a free mind-mapping tool, which I came across over here. It’s definitely worth a look if you’re looking to map out your ideas, this is a free, high-quality tool you can use to do it.

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